Rare Neon Teal Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

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Experience the Enchantment of Lagoon Blue Tourmaline

Tourmaline, known for its stunning array of colors, reveals one of its rarest and most mesmerizing shades in our exquisite creation. Enter the world of "Lagoon Blue," a neon teal tourmaline that captures the essence of clarity and brilliance. This natural, mined gemstone showcases the remarkable artistry of nature, reminiscent of a clear, sparkling lagoon.


  • Natural Tourmaline
  • Weight: A captivating 3.59 carats
  • Size (L x W x D): 9.65 x 7.32 x 5.75 mm
  • Clarity: VS (colored gemstones are graded without a loupe)
  • Cut: Expertly shaped in an Emerald, Modified cut
  • Color: Neon Teal 'Lagoon' Blue with Moderate Saturation
  • Origin: From the mystical Himalayan Mountains


  • Size: Available in a size 6.5, and we proudly offer free sizing for our rings
  • Metal: Crafted in Solid 18K White Gold
  • Finish: Exhibits a highly polished surface, radiating elegance
  • Accents: Adorned with a spectacular ensemble of diamonds
  • Clarity/Color: VVS-VS/F, showcasing colorless brilliance
  • Weight: Over 1.25 carats of breathtaking diamonds
  • Shape/Cut: Round/Brilliant, meticulously selected to enhance sparkle

Legend and Lore:

Unveiling the Mystical Charms of Tourmaline

Tourmaline has long been celebrated for its mystical properties. Beyond its breathtaking beauty, this gemstone is renowned for its ability to absorb and channel electrical energy—an attribute cherished by healers and spiritualists alike. Our Lagoon Blue Tourmaline, also known as Indicolite, is no exception. It specifically activates the throat and third eye chakras, fostering psychic awareness and visionary experiences. It opens the path to selfless service and bolsters the immune system.

Please note that the information provided above is for entertainment purposes, rooted in centuries of folklore, and not intended as medical advice. Tourmaline's unique allure transcends generations, captivating the imagination and celebrating the wonders of nature's creations.