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In charming Marin County, a contemporary jewelry boutique is owned by a dynamic mother and daughter duo.  Their expertise lies in the realm of rare, colored gemstone fine jewelry, offering a unique selection that is truly one-of-a-kind.  Alongside their exquisite pieces, they also provide custom jewelry services, as well as repair and restyling options.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, these passionate owners scour the globe to source the most exceptional and rare jewels.  Each gem is carefully chosen to be adorned by their strikingly beautiful settings, resulting in a dazzling display of perfection.  Their creations stand out in the world of fine jewelry, as they embrace femininity and break away from the highly traditional, male-dominated norms.  

To make the process of custom design jewelry effortless, they have amassed a vast inventory of thousands of loose gemstones.  This allows you, as the customer, to handpick the gem that speaks to you and then design the perfect setting to complement its beauty.  If you prefer, you can also provide them with a photo or sketch, and they will bring your vision to life.  Once you have approved the computer-aided drawing (CAD), the fabrication process takes less than three weeks, ensuring a swift turnaround time.  

Please note that while they offer extensive selection of loose gemstones, they do not sell them individually.  Their focus is on creating stunning pieces of jewelry that combine the rarest gems with exceptional craftmanship.  

While their custom jewelry services are certainly a highlight, they take immense pride in their extensive inventory of original design jewelry. Each piece is a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship and passion for creating truly unique and breathtaking jewelry.

California Girl Fine Jewelry LLC, is a women owned and operated, full-service jewelry business. 

"Our business model focuses on creative designs, exceptional customer service, and high-quality jewelry." 

Contact: 650-440-0217 

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