4.2 ct Swiss Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring 18K

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Exquisite Sky Blue Topaz in 18K Yellow Gold

Please Note: The color of the topaz may appear lighter in the pictures due to direct sunlight. For a more accurate depiction of the color, we invite you to watch the video linked above, filmed in natural sunlight.

Prepare to be transformed by the sheer beauty of this sky blue topaz, meticulously cut into an alluring fancy square cushion shape by an expert lapidary. Topaz, often underestimated, is a gemstone of exceptional durability and scintillating brilliance when expertly crafted, as exemplified by this splendid gem. It possesses a natural sparkle that rivals the finest aquamarines, making it a true hidden gem. Notably harder than amethyst and aquamarine, this particular topaz was masterfully cut by renowned lapidaries in Germany.

A gemstone of this caliber deserves an equally exceptional setting. We have custom-designed a setting that perfectly complements the topaz's allure—an 18K polished, solid yellow gold setting with a split shank adorned with full-cut, VVS/F (colorless) quality diamonds. These diamonds enhance the gemstone's beauty without overpowering it, ensuring that every angle showcases its brilliance. We've even adorned the basket setting beneath the gemstone with diamonds to maximize its sparkle.

Topaz: November's Birthstone

Topaz is the birthstone for November, sharing this distinction with Citrine.

Gemstone Details:

  • Gemstone: Natural Blue Topaz, AAA Top Gem
  • Shape/Cut: Fancy Square Cushion
  • Size (LxWxD): 9.60 x 9.50 x 6.30mm
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Weight: A substantial 4.19 carats

Setting Details:

  • Metal: 18K Solid Yellow Gold
  • Setting Style: Double Prong Setting with Split Parallel Shank Design
  • Diamonds: Approximately 0.89 carats total weight (tcw)
  • Clarity/Color of Diamonds: VVS/F
  • Ring Size: Currently available in size 6.5, with complimentary sizing options

Topaz: Legends and Lore (source - GIA):

Throughout history, Topaz has held a special place in various cultures and belief systems:

  • Ancient Greeks believed that Topaz bestowed strength upon its wearers.
  • During the Renaissance in Europe, it was thought that Topaz had the power to break magic spells and dispel anger.
  • In India, Topaz has been revered as a gemstone that, when worn above the heart, ensures long life, beauty, and intelligence.

Today, Topaz is regarded as a 'stone of true love and success in all endeavors.' It is said to promote individuality and creativity while instilling confidence in decision-making. Topaz is believed to replace negativity with love and joyfulness, acting through the laws of attraction and manifestation. Its gentle hues are thought to catalyze manifestation activities and enhance awareness, inducing states of expansiveness and manifestation. This remarkable mineral is considered the 'crystal of potency,' playing a significant role in healing visualization, meditation, and projection. It is also believed to facilitate the absorption of needed energies from the universe, fostering receptivity and willingness to take action. Topaz enhances awareness and induces a sense of expansiveness and manifestation.