Rare Color Change Sapphire & Diamond 18K Ring

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This is spectacular - a color changing Sapphire that changes from deep gray/blue/green to purple to pink, and is totally natural and unheated/untreated. This is a certified natural sapphire, mined in Tanga, Tanzania. In indoor lighting, this sapphire is a pinkish/grayish/purple; in the sunlight it is a bluish/grayish/teal - with the same beautiful color changing physical properties as Alexandrite. Most color change sapphires change from blue to purple and are rare. The colors this gemstone exhibits are very rare. Unheated/untreated color change sapphires are very, very rare.

This sapphire is truly unique and spectacular. So spectacular, in fact that we put it in a setting surrounded by 1.5 carats of colorless, VVS clarity full-cut diamonds in 18K yellow gold. A truly one-of-a-kind gemstone ring from California Girl Jewelry.

Measurements (L x W x D): 14.15 x 7.25 x 4.91 mm
Clarity: Slightly included
Color: Grayish violet (indoors), changed to grayish teal in direct sunlight
Weight: 3.90 carats
Cut: Marquise (mixed cut)
Treatment: NO HEAT/no treatment
Origin: Tanga, Tanzania Africa

18K yellow gold (solid)
Clarity/Color: VVS-VS/F full cut diamonds
Weight: 1.53 tcw
Size 6.5 (we offer complimentary sizing)

If you are a collector of the rarest precious gemstones, or just someone who appreciates spectacular rarities, don't pass this one up. We probably won't see another like it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Fancy color change sapphire changes hue based on the source of light. The most common color shift is from blue (daylight) to bluish-purple (incandescent light), but various other color combinations are possible. Blue sapphire is colored by iron and titanium. Violet colors like this gemstone are influenced by traces of vanadium.