Rare Lavender Spinel & Diamond 18K White Gold Ring

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Elegance Redefined: Lavender Spinel in 18K White Gold

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of this lavishly beautiful lavender spinel ring, nestled in one of our newest designer settings. Crafted from exquisite 18K white gold and adorned with an array of radiant diamonds, this masterpiece was created to showcase perfection from every angle.

Gemstone: A Rare Gem of Distinction 

  • Gemstone: Natural Lavender Spinel
  • Weight: A dazzling 2.1 carats
  • Size (diameter x depth): 8.94 x 7.13 x 4.33 mm
  • Clarity: Exhibits VS clarity
  • Shape/Cut: Expertly fashioned into an Oval/Brilliant cut
  • Color: A mesmerizing shade of Lavender
  • Origin: Sourced from the enchanting lands of Sri Lanka
  • Treatment: Completely natural with no heat or treatments applied 

Setting: Where Craftsmanship Meets Brilliance 

  • Size: Currently available in size 6.5, with complimentary sizing options
  • Metal: Crafted from Solid 18K White Gold
  • Finish: Elegantly polished to perfection
  • Diamonds: An array of dazzling diamonds graces this setting
  • Clarity/Color: VS/F, boasting colorless brilliance
  • Weight: Sparkling with over 0.70 carats of round, brilliant-cut diamonds

Unveiling the Beauty of Spinel:

Spinel, a gemstone 100 times rarer than Rubies and Sapphires, is a hidden treasure in the world of fine jewelry. Mined alongside these renowned gemstones, Spinel possesses a captivating charm that sets it apart. With remarkable durability and an irresistible luster, Spinel boasts a vibrant color palette akin to Sapphires. Our Lavender Spinel is no exception, sourced directly from the Tanzanian mines for your exclusive collection.

Unlocking Spinel's Legacy:

Spinel has a rich history often intertwined with that of Rubies, Sapphires, and even royalty. Notable historic gems, like the "Black Prince's Ruby" and the "Timur Ruby," are, in fact, Spinels. The enduring allure of Spinel has stood the test of time, making it a gemstone of legendary status.

Legend and Lore:

Beyond its visual splendor, Spinel is said to hold revitalizing properties. It re-energizes and relieves stress and anxiety, offering a renewed sense of vitality and hope. Spinel's vibrant energies align the chakras, stimulate kundalini energies, and promote harmony throughout the body, mind, and spirit.

Please note: The information provided above is rooted in centuries of folklore and is meant for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Spinel's enchanting beauty transcends generations, leaving an indelible mark on history and captivating the hearts of connoisseurs worldwide.