Rare 17.8 ct Sphene & Diamond Ring

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This exceptional cocktail ring is a true masterpiece, showcasing a fancy cushion-cut AAA sphene as its centerpiece.

Crafted in solid 18K yellow gold, the ring is adorned with colorless, pave-set diamonds, adding to its overall brilliance and elegance.


  • Natural Sphene
  • Weight: 17.77 carats
  • Cut: Fancy Cushion
  • Clarity: VVS
  • Size (LxWxD): 15.6 x 14.21 x 8.71
  • Origin (Mine): Pakistan

This sphene is an extraordinary gemstone known for its exceptional play of color, also referred to as a "Christmas tree flash." Originating from Pakistan, this sphene exhibits a captivating mix of colors, and its vanadium content causes a subtle color change from green to golden brown in different lighting conditions. With a very high refractive index and dispersion that exceeds diamonds, this sphene is truly rare and spectacular.


  • Metal: Solid 18K Yellow Gold
  • Accents: Diamonds
  • Size: 6.5 (Free sizing available)
  • Weight: 0.85 tcw (approx.)
  • Shape/Cut: Pave Diamonds
  • Clarity/Color: VS/F (Colorless)

The setting of the ring is crafted with precision and artistry, allowing the sphene to take center stage. The colorless diamonds surrounding the sphene and along the band add a touch of glamour and enhance the overall sparkle of the ring.

About Sphene:

Sphene, also known as titanite, is a gemstone renowned for its captivating play of color and high dispersion. With a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs' scale, it is considered suitable for special occasion jewelry rather than everyday wear. The unique optical properties of sphene make it a premier statement gemstone, and its rarity adds to its desirability. 

This sphene cocktail ring is not only a testament to the beauty of this exceptional gem but also a celebration of fine craftsmanship and design. It is a piece that exudes luxury and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for special occasions.